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Mable Jones, M.D.
Founder & President

 Losing a child no matter the circumstances is something no parent should ever have to face.  Furthermore, losing a child at the hands of the system that is supposed to protect us is unconscionable. Prince's mother, Dr. Mable Jones has used her grief and loss along side her family to fight for justice for her son by filing criminal and civil charges against the police department as well as through advocacy for non lethal ammunition for police departments through her initiative NonLethal.Group.


Lastly, in 2017, Dr. Mable Jones established the Prince Jones, Jr. Foundation to highlight Prince's passion for education by raising funds to support students attending colleges and universities and to ensure her son's legacy lives on.  

Dr. Mable Jones is a practicing neuro-radiologist in Pennsylvania where she manages her own telehealth business, RocJoi Medical Imaging .

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